Selected Articles

Digital Health Support in Treatment for Tuberculosis (2019) New England Journal of Medicine

A field experiment on community policing and police legitimacy (2019) PNAS

Information gerrymandering and undemocratic decisions. Nature

Signaling When No One Is Watching: A Reputation Heuristics Account of Outrage and Punishment in One-shot Anonymous Interactions (2019) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

The Implied Truth Effect: Attaching Warnings to a Subset of Fake News Headlines Increases Perceived Accuracy of Headlines Without Warnings (in press) Management Science

Fighting misinformation on social media using crowdsourced judgments of news source quality (2019) PNAS

Credibility-enhancing displays promote the provision of non-normative public goods (2018) Nature

Lazy, not biased: Susceptibility to partisan fake news is better explained by lack of reasoning than by motivated reasoning (2018) Cognition

Prior Exposure Increases Perceived Accuracy of Fake News (2018) Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Signaling Emotion and Reason in Cooperation (2018) Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Cyclical Population Dynamics of Automatic Versus Controlled Processing: An Evolutionary Pendulum (2017) Psychological Review
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Why Do We Hate Hypocrites? Evidence for a Theory of False Signaling (2017) Psychological Science
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Cooperation, Fast and Slow: Meta-Analytic Evidence for a Theory of Social Heuristics and Self-Interested Deliberation (2016) Psychological Science

Uncalculating Cooperation is Used to Signal Trustworthiness  (2016) PNAS

Social Heuristics and Social Roles: Intuition Favors Altruism for Women but Not for Men (2016) Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Third-party punishment as a costly signal of trustworthiness (2016) Nature
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Intuition, Deliberation, and the Evolution of Cooperation (2016) PNAS
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Habits of Virtue: Creating Norms of Cooperation and Defection in the Laboratory (2016) Management Science

Fast But Not Intuitive, Slow But Not Reflective: Decision Conflict Drives Reaction Times in Social Dilemmas (2015) Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Inequality and visibility of wealth in experimental social networks (2015) Nature

Static Network Structure Can Stabilize Human Cooperation (2014) PNAS

Humans Display a 'Cooperative Phenotype' that is Domain General and Temporally Stable (2014) Nature Communications

Cooperating with the Future (2014) Nature

Social Heuristics Shape Intuitive Cooperation (2014) Nature Communications

The Emergence of “Us and Them” in 80 Lines of Code: Modeling Group Genesis in Homogeneous Populations (2014) Psychological Science

Human Cooperation (2013) Trends in Cognitive Science

Powering Up With Indirect Reciprocity in a Large-Scale Field Experiment (2013) PNAS

Evolution of Fairness in the One-Shot Anonymous Ultimatum Game (2013) PNAS

Slow to Anger and Fast to Forgive: Cooperation in an Uncertain World (2012) American Economic Review

Spontaneous Giving and Calculated Greed (2012) Nature

Divine Intuition: Cognitive Style Influences Belief in God (2012) Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Direct Reciprocity in Structured Populations (2012) PNAS

Dynamic Social Networks Promote Cooperation in Experiments With Humans (2011) PNAS

Individual Versus Systemic Risk and the Regulator's Dilemma (2011) PNAS

The Evolution of Antisocial Punishment in Optional Public Goods Games (2011) Nature Communications

Positive Interactions Promote Public Cooperation (2009) Science

Dynamic Remodeling of In-Group Bias During the 2008 Presidential Election (2009) PNAS

Winners Don't Punish (2008) Nature